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Chimney Replacement Services
It is important that your chimney is inspected once you start noticing cracks, degradation, or any signs of instability. The contractor that carries out the inspection will determine whether the chimney needs to be replaced. If this is the case, do not delay the task. You want to prevent complete chimney collapse, as this could cause serious harm.

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Chimney Tuckpointing Services

Chimneys are continuously exposed to nature’s elements, with especially rain and snow that can cause damage over time. Make sure to have tuckpointing work done on your chimney when mortar joints require replacing. This will keep your chimney in good shape and improve its ability to withstand any bad weather Vernon Hills may experience.

Chimney Inspection Services
Have your chimney inspected by the professional every so often. They will advise you on maintenance matters or determine if your chimney needs to be replaced before the winter season. A regular chimney inspection will help to preserve its integrity and may prevent a potential fire, which can cause devastation.

Chimney Cap Services
The chimney cap is one of the most crucial chimney accessories for stopping water leaks and offers protection against adverse weather. Make sure to repair or replace it, if and when needed. This is an important step in preventative maintenance. Rather repair or replace your chimney cap to prevent long term damage, which may end up costing you a lot.

Chimney Flashing Services
It is advisable to carry out flashing repair on a chimney when needed. You want the waterproof seal to always remain intact, preventing water leaks and subsequent water damage in your home. Before bad weather hits Vernon Hills, make sure to have your chimney flashing inspected and repaired to avoid the stress of water damage.

Chimney Crown Repair Services
Repair or replace your chimney’s crown when major cracks start to appear. A masonry-skilled person will conduct a thorough inspection and repair or replace the crown where necessary. The repair will include the application of a sealant, protecting your chimney from any potential bad weather in Vernon Hills.


Masonry Fireplace Repair Services
Have your fireplace inspected regularly by Delta Chimneys, as we are the fireplace experts in the Vernon Hills area. We inspect all important fireplace components, including the pilot light, main valve and general air circulation. We service all types of fireplaces, whether wood or gas fueled.

Fireplace Inspection Services
A fireplace inspection is crucial, especially if you are considering buying or selling a house. Have it checked for general cleanliness, structural integrity, and to get an idea of the overall condition of the fireplace. Do not let a fireplace become a safety concern, but rather arrange for a thorough inspection every 1 to 2 years.

Masonry Fireplace Restoration Services
A fireplace that cannot heat your living area as well as it used to, could be in need of restoration. It may be a tedious task to have it restored, but at the same time very important. A fully restored fireplace will ensure years of effective heating in your home, particularly during the cold Vernon Hills winter months.

Fireplace Maintenance Services
Regular maintenance of your fireplace will ensure that your fireplace remains safe and keeps performing well during the cold Vernon Hills winter seasons. Maintenance involves the inspection and cleaning of all important components of your fireplace. For optimal performance and longevity of your fireplace, make sure you conduct routine maintenance.