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We are a family-owned business that, for more than three generations, have offered specialized chimney service nearby Chicago, which ranges from the simplest of tasks such as chimney/fireplace inspection to the most complex ones such as the chimney cap repair process and chimney repair Chicago located, as well as going through tuckpointing service and flashing repairs.

Through our expertise and high skills in fireplace repairs Chicago services, we’ve offered to our clients a completely efficient, professional, and timely service that the competition cannot beat; all with the purpose of maintaining our customers’ comfortable lifestyles – especially during the autumn and winter seasons- at affordable rates. Beside this, we also offer at no additional charge advisory and consulting services regarding your chimney’s need for a makeover, as well as the creation/renovation of a chimney according to your specifications and budget.

If your chimney is in need of servicing, you can contact us at 847 482-1800 or through the contact form, so that our communication team may cordially assist you. Our express chimney service near me Chicago located, covers whole Northern Chicago metropolitan area from the Loop to our main headquarters in the North Shore, including the Northern suburbs.

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Chimney repair Chicago, Fireplace Repair, Tuckpointing, Fireplace Inspections and more!


Chimney Rebuild

When there are cracks, deterioration, or signs of unsteadiness, they serve as indicators that you need an chimney inspections Chicago service urgently. If during the inspection the contractor determines that the chimney must be rebuilt, it is advisable to start the task immediately, since the structure could collapse and cause damage or injury.

Chimney Tuckpointing

In order to stop the chimney’s deterioration process due to any impeding weather (especially rain and snow), it is imperative to carry out chimney tuckpointing work to replace the damaged mortar joints, thus keeping it in good conditions for years to come.

Chimney Inspections

Chimney inspections Chicago located are very important and should be done by professionals in a certain time interval, since it must be determined if they’re in good condition or need to be repaired before the winter season begins. Failure to do so could result in a potential fire risk, sometimes with fatal consequences.

Chimney Cap Repair

Considered as one of the most important chimney accessories in terms of water leaks and inclement weather protection, the chimney cap must be repaired or maybe you need to replace chimney cap Chicago if necessary, given that its deterioration could result in a reduction in the protection’s effectivity over time and therefore, a more expensive repair.

Chimney Flashing Repair

In order to avoid stressful times when flooding occurs, as well as any leaks in the house’s roof, attic, and rooms, it is recommended to perform flashing chimney repair Chicago service as soon as possible, which consists of placing a waterproof seal to protect it from adverse weather conditions.

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crown repair is important when it comes to discovering significant cracks on it. This process mostly needs the involvement of a masonry-skilled person, since careful inspection of the structure must take place, as well as proper patching and adding of a waterproof sealant to protect it from inclement weather.


Masony Fireplace Repair

Delta Chimneys is the best choice when it comes to fireplace-related tasks; regardless of whether your fireplace uses wood or gas as fuel, the most important aspects of the fireplace such as the pilot light, main valve, and air circulation will need to be regularly checked.

Fireplace Inspection

Fireplace inspection Chicago service is an important aspect, especially when it comes to buying or selling a house, since it could be a concern in terms of safety if is dirty or in poor structural condition. Therefore, it is always recommended to review it every one-to-two years’ time period.

Masonry Fireplace Restoration

If you’re having trouble getting some heat in your living room during the winter season, it could be a sign that you need fireplace repairs Chicago services or even restoration. While it can be a tedious job, it will help have your fireplace in good condition.

Fireplace Maintenance

Maintenance is the most important thing when it comes to fireplaces, since everything must be inspected, cleaned and maintained in optimal condition, not only with the purpose of using it multiple times regardless of the upcoming season, but also to extend the fireplace’s lifecycle and safety.

Chimney Repair Chicago, Chimney Tuckpointing and more!

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The most common chimney repairs and why should be taken care of immediately.

The chimney cap is perhaps one of the most important parts of your chimney that needs close attention regarding repair expenses here in Chicago, given the fact that it suffers deterioration over time on both the inside and outside of the structure, either due to climatic or human factors. If you don’t know what specific factors can affect the cost of your chimney repair nearby Chicago service, don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you here. One of the factors that can affect your chimney’s state is the creation of creosotes, which come from the wood that you burn in your fireplace during winter in order to keep you comfortable. In that case, it is necessary that your chimney pass through several chimney inspections Chicago located prior and after the winter season, due to the fact that any internal soot represents a fire hazard if left untreated over an extended period of time
Loosened masonry is also another reason for chimney repair near me Chicago service but one of the most important because the brick and mortar configuration will gradually deteriorate over time, especially under repeated heat and smoke exposure. If left unattended, the structure could give way and cause physical injury or even death, which can lead to multiple legal actions. Therefore, it is recommended that your chimney undergo a preventive, detailed service despite not showing signs of problems or in case of showing the first signs of problems it must go through a rebuilding process. The chimney’s flue is also one of the most important parts that must be checked and repaired if necessary, as it is an area that suffers even more deterioration over time.
And last but not least, the chimney must be constantly checked for nests, tree leaves, and any other debris located in the upper part that may block the flow of smoke getting out. If it is not cleared, it could cause issues ranging from multiple inconveniences when using your fireplace to more serious, hazardous problems such as carbon monoxide poisoning.


What is your choice in terms of chimney caps in Chicago?

Standard Chimney Cap

This type of caps is usually attached to the fireplace with screws, which are tight, thus leaving it flush with the fireplace tiles. In cases where the flue is low, our chimney cap installers are in charge of putting it from the inside so that things or animals do not get into the chimney, apart from that it catches any spark that comes from the fire to the smoke duct.

Electric Draft Chimney Cap

This cap, which is one of the most sought after in the chimney cap repair procedures, is the result of an extensive commitment by fireplace companies to help improve fire draft and performance. Electric draft chimney caps are a two-in-one component that controls the fire draft through the use of an electric fan, where you can adjust its speed based on the weather and fire conditions.

Integral Damper

If your fireplace is too old to have extensive fireplace repairs to current standards or you don’t have internal dampers, the integral damper is your best bet. It consists of a basic mechanism that is installed inside the fireplace, which is activated by a lever that is placed on the wall of the fireplace. It aims to prevent cold drafts from outside from coming into your fireplace and turning it off.

Draft Increasing Chimney Cap

If you want to replace chimney cap Chicago located, these caps have become popular due to their design and installation method, help to improve – depending on current weather conditions – the amount of updraft a fireplace needs and therefore, the current environment of the room.

Custom Chimney Caps

Although it is considered a general category, DELTA Chimneys offers you options to replace chimney cap Chicago with a customized one according to your needs, as well as the dimensions and requirements of your chimney (if in such case you have draft or infestation problems). To do this, we will send our experts to your home to carry out the respective chimney inspections Chicago located and determine the best course of action.

Top Mount Chimney Cap

This type of cap is the most used in cases where the flue rises too much above the crown, apart from its simple installation, which consists of screwing the cap through a flange to the crown of the chimney. However, its viability will depend on the position of the flue.

Band-Around Chimney Cap

These types of caps are generally the best option for brick homes that have fairly tall chimneys (which limits the options of chimney caps that can be used). It is installed around the exterior of the bricks in a snugly manner until it covers the entire chimney.

It is important to get the appropriate chimney cap for your fireplace, not only to use your fireplace safely, but also to extend its useful life by protecting it from any external material such as branches, animals, or weather events.
In addition, it is important to carry out fireplace inspection Chicago service as well as chimney inspections Chicago located, chimney repair Chicago projects and chimney tuckpointing on a regular basis in order to ensure that it does not present damage or deterioration. When it comes to these issues, DELTA Chimneys is your best bet! If you want to quote us, get in touch through our website or our phones.

DELTA Chimneys – Fireplace and Chimney Repair Near Me Chicago



33+ years of high skilled chimney repair Chicago, restoration and installations in the Chicagoland area!

Counting on our crew filled with high skill, professionalism, experience, and willingness to perform diverse tasks regardless of prevailing weather conditions, Delta Chimneys has dedicated the last decade to offering a variety of high quality chimney service Chicago located in terms of fireplace repairs, inspections, maintenance, as well as chimney restoration services to the point of being considered a top choice in all of Chicago and the surrounding areas.

When we’re assigned a respective fireplace inspection or chimney repair nearby Chicago project, we take it on with such pride and responsibility that we always strive to provide a first-class job and deliver it within the deadlines stipulated by the customer, but always keeping a close eye on the details and ensuring that the task is done efficiently and properly to the point of exceeding all client expectations.

Another factor that makes us unique compared to the competition is that our workers are specially trained to carry out detailed chimney inspections, as well as repairs, by using the most appropriate tools and the best materials so that the results are spectacular. We also provide our customers with free assessments regarding their projects, as well as free estimates so that there are no unusual surprises that trigger price increases at the last minute.

As with any other structure of your house that withstands harsh conditions, such as high temperatures and the weather onslaughts, chimneys undergo a progressive deterioration. Should you choose not to perform chimney inspections Chicago located periodically, you may need to rebuild it completely.

They sure can. Their staff is highly qualified to carry on your chimney repair nearby Chicago service and take care of any problem it may have. Whether it is chimney tuckpointing, bedding, whole chimney repair Chicago or a brick replacement, we can handle it.

Chimney repair near me Chicago services and renovations are what we’ve been doing in the last 33 years. As a company, our field expertise plus our well-trained and knowledgeable staff of masons and installers, guarantee a superb outcome. Based on this and minded on customer satisfaction, we developed standard operating procedures that prevent us from making mistakes that may alter the final result. Our employees are always willing to share their expertise in chimney and duct maintenance fields.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, an annual fireplace inspection Chicago service and cleaning are needed. Based on our expertise, we agree with this and we also may state that the amount of fireplace use is an important factor to be considered. Cleaning the fireplace after burning wood is advisable.

Preventing leaks is mandatory but it won’t make the stain issues disappear. In Delta Chimney, our staff is well-skilled at assisting homeowners with fireplace repairs Chicago located. We can also assist in sealing crowns and flashings, installing protective chimney caps and dampers, and performing any necessary masonry job.

Get an early start on the 2024 Season

If you’re planning for this 2023 to renew your home or business’ interior and exterior façade in order to make it attractive once again, you can contact our customer service department to receive more information regarding our chimney inspections Chicago service and other repair services like chimney repair Chicago located, as well as our fireplaces maintenance procedures. You may also choose to reserve a slot in order to be first on our attention-priority list and receive advice from us regarding your renewal plans at no additional costs.

Better Business Bureau Rating: A+

Additionally, we are proud to announce that after many efforts over the past few years to remain professionally engaged with our clients, as well as proudly serving the Chicago area, we have received an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

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We’re a local, insured and bonded chimney repair Chicago team with vast knowledge acquired during years of experience delivering high quality chimney service near Chicago. We provide complimentary on-site quotes for all our clients in order to go over your project meticulously.

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