Absolutely, our team of professionals can handle any job related to your chimney. No matter if it is masonry repairs or bedding, we will take care of it! Chimney repairs are our specialty!

We both install and repair chimney caps. This is a simple one-time installation. The cap protects from leaves, twigs, animals, and most significantly rain. Most of the damage to chimneys is caused by rain, which seeps into cracks, freezes in the winter, and pressing into walls triggering severe damage.

Perform periodic chimney inspections. As a chimney starts to deteriorate, its condition will quickly worsen quickly if not repaired on time. Leaving your chimney unrepaired may lead to the need for brick replacement or a even a complete rebuild of your chimney.

Sealing involves the use of flexible sealants to close chimney gaps and other structures from air, water, dust and insects. Caulking seals the joints between masonry and other non-masonry surfaces by blocking them from moisture. Delta Chimney exclusively utilizes professional quality sealants for every project around doors and windows, concrete and expansion joints.

Efflorescence whitish discoloration on the outside of the chimney for your furnace. It is caused by gas that escapes through cracks in the liner. Delta Chimney will offer specific recommendations for the installation of a new liner and, if needed, bending or rebuilding your chimney.

Definitely, chimney cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your home in good condition. If your home utilizes an oil furnace chimney, it may produce a disagreeable byproduct referred to as oil soot. You should definitely take care this issue every year. Traditional wood-burning stoves also present various hazards to your home from obstructions, air pollution, and blockages.

Like the National Fire Protection Agency, we recommend annual chimney inspection and cleaning as needed, thanks to our experience as to what is appropriate for homeowners. Considering this, the amount of fireplace use is also an important aspect to think about. Cleaning the fireplace after burning wood is another helpful tip.

“Pointing” refers to the process of repairing a mortar joint in a brick wall. This term is from the process of using a trowel called a “tuckpointing trowel” to force mortar into a damaged mortar joint. Tuckpointing is a vital maintenance task and prevents water from entering the cavity of the brick wall. If water passes through the mortar into the masonry, damage to the brick, like spalling or cracking, may occur.

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We specialize in chimney repairs and renovations. Our masons and installers have many years of industry experience and are proud of their work. In the 33 years that we have been working in the field, we have developed standard operating procedures and an effective business system to get the job correctly done each time. Our fully trained and knowledgeable employees are always in the office to share their expertise in aspects of chimney and duct maintenance.

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Dirty chimneys are the leading cause of chimney fires, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America. In the absence of proper care and maintenance, hazardous creosote (the leftover residue from lighting a cozy fire in your hearth) may build up inside your chimney and become combustible. Having your chimney professionally cleaned at least once a year is the best way to avoid this dangerous accumulation of materials.

Each time you burn wood in your fireplace, the smoke condenses and forms a thick tarry substance that sticks to the walls of your chimney. This buildup is exceptionally flammable and if allowed to become too thick, it will ultimately catch fire.

Look closely at your masonry chimney’s walls. Do you observe crumbling bricks, cracks, voids, noticeable gaps, and uneven mortar areas between bricks? If you are not quite sure or the answer is yes, get in touch with Delta Chimneys for an estimate to repair the damaged sections of your chimney.

Delta Chimneys can assist in preventing future leaks, but taking care of these repairs will not eliminate the existing stains. Delta Chimneys seals crowns and flashings and performs chimney pointing and rebuilding. We also install protective chimney caps and dampers.