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Fireplace Repair & Chimney Repair Evanston

Fireplace and Chimney Service Evanston located, with Restoration, Maintenance and Installation By

chimney repair Chicago
chimney repair Chicago
chimney repair Chicago
chimney repair Chicago
chimney repair Chicago
Delta Chimneys is your local family-owned company for fireplace and chimney repair near me Evanston services. For more than 30 years, our chimney service repair nearby Evanston service has provided exceptional skill for chimney service near me Evanston located that has helped homeowners and businesses alike. Our services are comprehensive to include small fireplace repair and inspection, as well as the biggest and most difficult tuckpointing and flashing chimney repair nearby Evanston service. Our experience brings you the finest skill level for your fireplace repairs Evanston services, giving our customers an entirely efficient and timely professional chimney service near me Evanston located, that is simply unequaled. We work hard to give all our customers the comfort and reliability they are accustomed to, especially during the fall and winter months, and we do it for you affordably. Plus, we are always ready to give you our professional advice with a free consultation about your best solutions when you need extensive chimney repair near Evanston service. We stay within your budget and still leave you with the chimney service Evanston located that you need. So when it’s time for your fireplace or chimney repair nearby Evanston service, call Delta Chimneys at 847-482-1800 or request information using our contact form, and our communications team will be happy to help you. We offer express chimney service Evanston located and all around the Northern Chicago area from the Loop to our main offices in the North Shore.

Fireplace and chimney service near me Evanston
Chimney repair, Fireplace Repair, Chimney Tuckpointing, Fireplace Inspections, and more!


Chimney Rebuild

Cracks, degradation, and signs of structural instability may indicate that you require Deterioration, cracks, and evidence of instability can all be indicators that you desperately need a chimney inspection Evanston located. During your chimney reapir nearby Evanston service , your contractor may decide that your chimney requires chimney service near Evanston located. In this case, the best decision is to take care of your chimney repair near me Evanston immediately, prior to the structure’s collapse, and preventing any potential injuries or damages.

Chimney Tuckpointing

The best way to stop chimney deterioration is by performing chimney tuckpointing Evanston. Severe weather, specifically rain and snow, can contribute greatly to your chimney’s deterioration process. In order to stop this, it is crucial to perform chimney tuckpointing in order to replace crumbling mortar joints, in turn maintaining your chimney service near Evanston in excellent condition for many more years.

Chimney Inspections

Chimney service near Evanston is essential and is best done routinely and by our chimney service neraby Evanston industry professionals. Chimney service nearby Evanston located can detect any issues or potential issues in order to have them repaired before the winter season is upon us. Without this, there is increased fire risk and potentially fatal consequences.

Chimney Cap Repair

When it comes to water leaks and severe weather protection, a chimney cap is considered to be one of the most important chimney accessories. Chimney cap repair or maybe you need to replace chimney cap Evanston located – both are necessary as its degeneration could reduce its performance in time, resulting in a more expensive chomney repair nearby Evanston.

Chimney Flashing Repair

Flashing chimney repair nearby Evanston located, which refers to the placement of a waterproof seal to protect the chimney from inclement weather, is recommended as soon as possible in order to avoid stressful issues such as leaks in roof, attic, or rooms, or even flooding.

Chimney Crown Repair

When significant cracks are found in a chimney, chimney crown repair is necessary. Chimney crown repair is a process best performed by our chimney service near me Evanston masonry-skilled professional, as it involves careful structure inspection, appropriate patching, and the addition of a waterproof sealant that protects it from the weather.


Masony Fireplace Repair

When dealing with fireplace-related risks, Delta Chimneys is your preferred choice for fireplace repairs Evanston services. Whether your fireplace is wood-based or gas-based, elements like the main valve, pilot light, and air circulation are principal aspects and should be checked regularly.

Fireplace Inspection

Fireplace Inspection Evanston service is an essential aspect in terms of safety, more than ever when you are buying or selling a home. A fireplace that is dirty or in poor structural shape can be a hazard. We recommend a fireplace inspection every one to two years.

Masonry Fireplace Restoration

When your fireplace fails to provide heat in your living room during the winter months, it may be a sign that you require fireplace replacement, fireplace restoration or fireplace repairs Evanston services. Although this is a tedious project, it will help maintain your fireplace in good working condition.

Fireplace Maintenance

Maintenance is a key, essential element when it comes to fireplaces, as they must be inspected, cleaned, and maintained in excellent condition, not only for occasional use in the near future but also to extend your fireplace’s overall lifetime and safety.

The most common chimney repairs and reasons to take care of them immediately.

Of your chimney parts, the chimney cap is one of the most essential requiring close attention in order to monitor expenses for chimney repair nearby Evanston service. Climatic and human factors will cause it to deteriorate through the years, affecting the structure’s interior and exterior. If you are unsure of the specific factors that may affect the state of your chimney, we will happily explain this to you. The creation of creosotes, originating in the wood you burn throughout winter to keep your family warm, is one possible factor that may affect your chimney. If this is your case, you should schedule several inspections before and after the winter months, in order to ensure there is no internal soot buildup which can be a fire hazard if left untreated.
Another reason for chimney repair near Evanston service has loosened masonry, which is incredibly important as the brick and mortar configuration naturally deteriorates gradually over time, and more so under heat and smoke exposure again and again. If neglected, the entire structure may collapse, resulting in injury and possible death, which could mean expensive lawsuits. For this reason, we recommend your chimney receive a preventative, comprehensive service even when it is not showing signs of wear and tear, or at least at the very first sign that it may require attention. The flue of the chimney is another important part that should be monitored and repaired as needed, as it is another area that may suffer considerable deterioration as time passes.

Finally, but equally important, the chimney should have regular, routine checks for animal nests, tree leaves, and other debri that may be potentially in the upper part of the chimney, blocking the smoke flow. If ignored, it can result in a variety of issues from various inconveniences during fireplace use to dangerous problems like carbon monoxide poisoning.


OUR LATEST PROJECTS Chimney Repair Nearby Evanston, Chimney Tuckpointing and more!

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Before After chimney repair Chicagochimney repair Chicago
Before After chimney repair Chicagochimney repair Chicago
Before After chimney repair Chicagochimney repair Chicago

DELTA Chimneys – Fireplace and Chimney Repair in Evanston


33+ years of high skilled chimney repairs, restoration, and installations in the Evanston area!

We are confident in our chimney service nearby Evanston highly skilled, experienced, professional, enthusiastic team and their ability to execute a wide variety of tasks no matter the weather conditions. Delta Chimneys has committed the last decade to provide various top notch services addressing fireplace repairs, inspections, and maintenance in addition to chimney repair near Evanston service and chimney restoration, making us a leading choice in the region. We take pride in each and every fireplace inspection or chimney repair nearby Evanston project that we work on. It is our responsibility and objective to deliver high quality results within the established timeline. We aim to exceed customer expectations with our attention to detail, efficiency, consciousness, and dedication. One other component making us exceptional in comparison with the competition is the fact that our chimney service near me Evanston team is specifically trained to do chimney inspections and chimney repair near me Evanston located. They use the best, most effective tools, and the highest quality materials in order to ensure spectacular results. We gladly provide project assessments at no cost and free estimates to avoid the issue of last-minute unexpected expenses.

Get an early start on the 2024 Tuckpointing Season

If you are planning to have chimney service near Evanston performed on your fireplace and then perform a chimney repair nearby Evanston in 2024, you can contact our customer service operators based in Evanston to book an appointment for our team to come to your home to perform them, as well as receiving the respective advice for chimney cap repair or other procedures that you requested.

Better Business Bureau Rating: A+

Furthermore, we are proud to be the first chimney cap installers company in Evanston to receive A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, after several years offering the best fireplace services to our diverse portfolio of clients throughout Illinois.