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chimney repair Chicago
chimney repair Chicago
chimney repair Chicago
chimney repair Chicago
chimney repair Chicago

We are your local family-owned business for fireplace and chimney repair in Skokie, IL. For better than three generations, we have brought highly specialized chimney service to Skokie residents and businesses through the region. Our services range from the smallest fireplace repair or inspection to the largest and most complex tuckpointing and chimney flashing repair in Skokie. 

Through our experience, we offer the highest level of skill for your chimney services in Skokie, providing our clients a totally efficient, professional, and timely service that is simply unbeatable. We strive to give our customers the comfort and reliability they are used to, especially through the autumn and winter seasons, and we do it at an affordable price. Plus, we can provide you with professional advice through a free consultation that will inform you of the best options available to you when you need extensive chimney repair in Skokie.

We work within your budget to give you the chimney service in Skokie that you need. So when you believe your chimney or fireplace needs service, call Delta Chimneys at 847-482-1800 or reach us through our contact form, and our communications team will be happy to assist. We offer express chimney service in Skokie and the rest of the Northern Chicago area from the Loop to our offices in the North Shore.

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Chimney Rebuild
Cracks, crumbling, and signs of instability can all indicate that you urgently need a chimney inspection. In the process of your chimney inspection, it is possible that your contractor determines that your chimney must be rebuilt. If this happens, the best choice is to organize your chimney rebuild as soon as possible, before the collapse of the structure and any possible injury or damages.

Chimney Tuckpointing

Performing chimney tuckpointing is the best way to stop chimney deterioration. Inclement weather like rain and snow can significantly contribute to the deterioration of your chimney. The best way to slow/stop this is with chimney tuckpointing to replace degrading mortar joints while keeping your chimney in optimal condition for years to come.

Chimney Inspections
Consistent routine chimney inspections in Skokie are important and should be carried out by industry experts. In order to detect and address any problems or potential problems and have them fixed prior to the onset of winter, a chimney inspection is highly recommended. In its absence, the risk of fire and possibly fatal injuries increases greatly.

Chimney Cap Repair
A chimney cap is thought to be one of the most essential chimney accessories in terms of water leaks and inclement weather protection. Chimney cap replacement and chimney cap repair in Skokie is required due to the fact that a chimney cap’s deterioration can negatively affect its performance through the years, triggering a more costly repair.

Chimney Flashing Repair
Chimney flashing repair in Skokie is recommended as soon as it is needed in order to prevent anxiety-causing problems like leaks in your attic, roof, or rooms as well as potential flooding. Chimney flashing repair involves Placing a waterproof seal that protects the chimney from severe weather.

Chimney Crown Repair
Chimney crown repair in Skokie is a necessary service when significant cracks are discovered in your chimney. As this process requires detailed structure inspection, proper patching, and the inclusion of a waterproof sealant to protect it from inclement weather, it should only be performed by an experienced industry professional.

Masony Fireplace Repair Delta Chimneys are your number one choice for fireplace repair in Skokie when it comes to fireplace-related risks. It does not matter if you have a wood or gas fueled fireplace, the principal elements like the pilot light, main valve, and air circulation should be inspected on a regular basis.

Fireplace Inspection
In terms of safety, fireplace inspection in Skokie is an important component of home safety, especially when buying or selling your house. Fireplaces found to be dirty or structurally unstable can be a dangerous hazard. Fireplace inspection is recommended every one to two years.

Masonry Fireplace Restoration
If your fireplace stops heating your living space in the winter season, this could be a sign that it is time to consider fireplace restoration or fireplace replacement in Skokie. As tedious as it may be, it will contribute greatly to keeping your space warm and your fireplace functioning smoothly.

Fireplace Maintenance
When it comes to fireplaces, fireplace maintenance in Skokie is an important key factor, as they should be inspected, cleaned, and maintained in optimal condition in order to extend their lifetime as well as ensure the overall safety of your family.

The most common chimney repairs and why you should take care of them now.

Of all your chimney’s parts, the chimney cap is one of the most important ones.  It requires special monitoring attention to ensure cost efficiency for chimney repair in Skokie. Weather and human factors will result in a certain amount of deterioration over time, which affects the interior and exterior of the structure.  We can explain the details behind the factors that can affect your chimney’s state if you are unclear on the subject.  The wood burned through the winter to keep warm can create creosotes which can, in turn, affect your chimney.  Under these circumstances, we recommend various inspections prior to and following winter to make sure there has been no internal buildup of soot which is a fire hazard if not treated properly.
The brick and mortar configuration deteriorates gradually over the years, especially under repeated smoke and heat exposure, making loosened masonry another reason for chimney repair in Skokie. If left untreated, the entire structure could collapse, causing damages, injuries, and even death, which can also translate into costly lawsuits. Therefore, we recommend ensuring detailed preventative service for your chimney on a routine basis, whether it shows signs of issue or not but especially if potential problems have been detected.  Your chimney’s flue is one other essential part that should be watched and fixed as required.  Like the other parts, it can also suffer deterioration over time.

Our final, but no less important, point is that your chimney must undergo consistent routine checks for varied debris such as tree leaves, animal nests, etc that can remain in the upper part of the chimney, affecting smoke flow.  Not only can this be the root cause of varied inconveniences while using your fireplace, but it can also even lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.


Chimney Repair, Chimney Tuckpointing and more!

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Before After chimney repair Chicagochimney repair Chicago
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DELTA Chimneys – Fireplace and Chimney Repair in Skokie


33+ years of quality, skilled chimney repairs, restorations, and installations in the Skokie area!

We trust in our dedicated, experienced, highly skilled, professional team as well as in their ability to carry out a broad spectrum of industry tasks in any kind of weather conditions.  Delta Chimneys has dedicated the last decade to offering varied high-quality services in fireplace repairs, inspections, and maintenance as well as chimney restoration and chimney repair services in Skokie, turning us into a leading choice in the region.
We proudly perform every single fireplace inspection or chimney repair project that we work on.  We make it our goal and responsibility to provide high quality results within the timeline agreed upon with our client.  We seek to exceed customer expectations with our attention to detail, efficiency, dedication, and conscientiousness.

The final piece, making us stand out among the competition is that our team is specially trained to do chimney inspections and chimney repairs in Skokie.  They use only the highest quality materials as well as the best, most effective tools to make sure they obtain outstanding results.  We proudly provide free project assessments and estimates at no cost in order to avoid the problem of last-minute expenses.

Get an early start on the 2021 Tuckpointing Season

If you are a resident of Skokie or the surrounding areas and are planning to conduct a fireplace inspection of your fireplace in 2021 to see if it is in good condition or requires fireplace repairs, you can contact our fireplace maintenance contractors in Skokie to book an appointment for this process. You can also make a reservation to receive advice from us to see if you require chimney tuckpointing, chimney flashing repair or any other chimney service.

Better Business Bureau Rating: A+

Aside from that, we want to proudly announce that after many years of fulfilling our duty to provide customers with a completely professional service in the Chicago metropolitan area, we have officially received an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau of Illinois.